Prepare for your Telemedicine Appointment

Dr. Saperstein and the Center for Complex Neurology, EDS & POTS wants you to have a successful appointment. In working together on your care, we can provide you with the best of Dr. Saperstein’s expertise and an excellent experience for you, our patient.

To help keep us all as safe as possible from the Corona Virus (COVID-19) we have instituted telehealth appointments. We will be using Klara, a secure and HIPAA-compliant website. By means of a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with a camera and microphone, you can see and hear your providers at the Center for Complex Neurology, EDS & POTS.

In advance of your telehealth appointment time, we will send you a link. Please check out the link in advance of your appointment. This will allow you to make sure you will be able to connect successfully when the time comes for your appointment.

To help maximize the success of this encounter we encourage you to make a few additional preparations. Please plan out a private and quiet area with good lighting. Make arrangements for children and pets so they do not get in the way. Also, try to minimize noise from dogs or other pets.

For a new patient visit, the doctor will need to examine you. Be ready to remove your shoes and socks and dress in a way that will allow him to see easily see your knees and elbows as well as your arms and legs. Also, please have a flashlight available to allow the doctor to see inside your mouth.

We appreciate your help in working out this alternative during the trying time of the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to helping with your medical care.

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