The Center for Complex Neurology, EDS & POTS specializes in disorders of nerve, muscle, autonomics, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)


Why did I create the Center for Complex Neurology?

Over the last 24 years, I have been practicing medicine I have done so in a variety of settings: on staff at a university medical center, in private practice, as part of a health care system, and even in the U.S. military (Air Force). Each system had its plusses and minuses. But all forms of medical practice have come under strain in recent years from unprecedented changes in the health care system.

At the present time, the most important question I have is “What system can best permit me to care for my patients in the optimal

David Saperstein, MD

and most effective way?” In the last few years, health care has changed quite a lot. The biggest changes have involved insurance companies, with some of the largest changes including what is covered and what is not, who is in-network or out of network, and what appointments or treatments require preauthorization. These logistical issues have placed ever-increasing burdens on office staff. Measures to deal with these demands have included hiring more staff, purchasing computerized health records systems, and partnering with larger health care organizations.

Unfortunately, none of these have provided the optimal support for me to provide the care that best serves the needs of my patients and myself. My intent is not to cast blame or criticism. The creation of the Center for Complex Neurology stems from my beliefs of what will work best for me and the patients I care for. After much deliberation, I have decided that creating a smaller and more focused practice is the way to go. I will focus on diagnosing and treating patients with conditions for which I have developed great expertise through years of study, practice, and research. Conditions for which similar degrees of expertise is possessed by only a small number of specialists in the Valley.

To optimize your experience, we will utilize technology tailored to the needs of the Center’s patients and care team. This includes secure text and email communications and the ability to schedule your own appointments online. We will also utilize telehealth to minimize your need to come to the office for follow up appointments or other routine matters.

Despite being small, the Center for Complex Neurology will provide an array of state-of-the-art testing (such as nerve conduction studies, EMG, autonomic testing, and nerve/muscle biopsies) as well as treatment procedures such as botulinum (Botox) injections and certain nerve blocks.

We will partner with similar independent practices that can assist us in providing the care you need. This includes physical therapy, radiology, pain management, and other medical specialists such as Orthopedics, Immunology, Gastroenterology, and Cardiology.

Of course, I realize no system is going to be perfect. And there will undoubtedly be growing pains as we work to bring the full vision of the Center to fruition. I made the decision to open the Center now to optimize ongoing care for my patients as well as to provide improved access to me by those wishing to become new patients.

Please see the Patient Information section for details about the Center’s current policies.

I pledge to you my commitment to do all I can to help assist you in your complex health care journey. We will work together to improve your functioning and quality of life. I ask that you please provide suggestions and feedback as we fine-tune the operations of the Center.

David Saperstein, MD
Board Certified in Neurology, Neuromuscular Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology, and Electrodiagnostic Medicine