It is important to raise awareness for diseases that we care for

which are thought to be rare but, are really just rarely heard of.

Dysautonomia International’s 10th Annual Conference, Collaborating for Cures, will be Streaming Live July 14-17, 2022

Dr. Saperstein’s Lecture Topic: 

Small Fiber Neuropathy: More Than Burning Feet

Streaming Live July 14, 2022 from 3pm to 4pm EST

Register here to watch: Dysautonomia International 

Dr. Saperstein will be interviewed on The POTScast – Standing Up To POTS – podcast

Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at 2pm

They will be discussing POTS and EDS.

Once the podcast is released to the public, you will find it at the link below.


Welcome to episode 3 of the “Neuroscience series” on the “Love at First Science” Podcast where Dr. Saperstein and Celest Pereira dive into the yet unknown world of Hypermobility and talk about Hypochondria and Hypermobility, what influences Hypermobility, Dysautonomia symptoms, Anxiety and Hypermobility and much more!

Dr. Saperstein was the 2021 recipient of the Community Choice Award for Healthcare Professionals from The Ehlers-Danlos Society. Being recognized this way was a huge honor and you will see the plaque displayed in the office upon your visit.