Know that we’ll need to have all your forms and information in prior to scheduling the appointment.

  • A copy of your insurance card – both front and back. No scanner? You can use your smartphone or tablet to take a photo!
  • Complete Dr. Saperstein’s EDS/POTS Questionnaire so we have a better understanding of your symptoms.
  • Complete our brief Patient Intake Form (fillable online with Adobe Reader).
  • Medical Records from your prior physician and your current primary care provider. You can use our form to print out and drop off or fax to your doctor’s office. (No fax? Email it to us and we’ll fax it for you)!
  • Log into the Online Portal and complete all the forms (Don’t have a link yet? Click here to get a link from our office).
  • Review HIPPA and completed Receipt of HIPPA.
  • Completed Financial and Appointment Policy Form.
  • Please review our Financial and Appointment Policy. You will be expected to sign this during the intake process on the portal.
  • You are responsible for getting an authorization from your insurance company.

Due to the high demand and complexity of the patients we see at the Center, we require you to complete all your paperwork prior to your appointment. Our team reviews all paperwork for completeness and makes sure that the medical records are in-house so they can be reviewed prior to your appointment. Without any records at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, we have the right to cancel your appointment and put in someone from the waitlist.

We make it easy to do this, using our Klara App. You’ll start with a screening that includes a copy of your insurance card, a form explaining what you want to see Dr. Saperstein for, and a link to a survey that goes over your symptoms.
To avoid confusion and disappointment, it is our policy not to schedule any appointments going forward without medical records and paperwork in-house.

If you are approved for a visit, you will receive the rest of the forms. Once we have the forms, some of your past medical records, and a copy of your ID, we can get you scheduled.

Be prepared to pay your copay or coinsurance at the time of registration for your appointment.

Questions? Feel free to contact our office

Please note the Breeze Login is for current patients only. For new patients contact us and set your appointment through the klara box on the right of your screen. Just enter your phone number to get started. Click message us to bring it back up if the box has been closed.